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What am I not understanding?


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I'm hoping this post isn't out of line and someone can help here. I'm trying to make a spreadsheet to do analysis with and while putting it all together I chose Boeing as my test company. When doing the cash flow statement I ran into issues of the Net Increase in Cash & Cash Equiv not adding up correctly. So I made a separate sheet to test the data and can't figure out why I'm 138 and 262 million off when I actually add up the numbers from Edgar using excel. 


I've attached a test spreadsheet and was wondering if someone could shed some light on why it doesn't add up? Is this normal for 10k filings to not add up if you actually do the math? Am I not understanding how to add a cash flow statement up? I thought it was pretty straight forward.


Anyways line 48 to be exact where I add up Operating, Investing, Financing, plus exchange rate . My error is happening in years 2018 and 2017. I'm using Cells F48 and F49 to check them.


Any help would be appreciated as I can't find any reason this shouldn't work outside of the numbers being wrong or me not understanding something. Which btw pouring over simple accounting examples doesn't seem to shed light on what I'm missing.


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My goodness... I feel embarrassed; easy X2 check.


I went back to the data at Edgar and sure enough in the 10-k its correct but in the interactive data that I downloaded its wrong.


Made the assumption it wouldn't be... now I know.


Thank you a bunch... :) I was pulling my hair out holding on to a false assumption.

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