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Hi All,


As many of you know, I spend some of my time involved in non-profit work...blasphemy!


I'm the chair of the Cystic Fibrosis "65 Roses" Gala in Vancouver again this year.  My co-Chair passed away back in April when I had my own health scare (I'm perfectly fine now and will be around for 20-30 years), but she was the longest surviving double-transplant (heart/lung) in Canadian history. 


So this year, we are doing something a bit more special in her memory, and I'm soliciting donations from my compatriot board members.  No donation is too big or small, and I really would appreciate it!  I provide this board essentially free to all users, and I've never asked for anything for myself.  So if you feel you get some value out of the message board, please translate some of that value into a donation for the "65 Roses" Gala.




Much appreciated and my sincerest thanks!  Cheers!

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One of my best friend that I have known since I'm 4 years old has been plague with the same disease. When I was 7 years old they were telling us that my firend's life expectancy was 16 years old... today he's 38! Remarkeable the progresses that have been made there, thanks to your fondation and others!



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