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Austin Value Capital Compilations

John Hjorth

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Right now I'm reading the BAM compilation provided by Joel. [latest updated version, now 13,909 pages! [ : - D]]


I have a practical problem with it ... I somehow feel chained to my office chair, lol, because it goes fine downloading the pdf-file to one of my Windows PCs, but for whatever reason it has not been possible for me to download the file to my iPad ... - it seems like the download stops somewhere in the download process.


I'm in the stone age from an operating perspective with regard to an iPad. So far I've only used it to read things [, including much smaller pdf-files from the net, such as annual reports etc., which has so far worked fine]. - I have apps installed on it, - that I actually use, though!


Any practical help on this issue from fellow board members would be very much appreciated, thank you in advance.

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