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Wilbur Ross on Trump trade policy


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  • 11 months later...

Yea he's full of if. I say he's full of it because I don't think he's dumb.


But Ross, who as Commerce Secretary would lead any trade negotiations, describes a more benign approach. On Mexico, he points out that the United States accounts for 80% of Mexican exports, which gives the United States plenty of leverage to lean on its southern neighbor to buy more American-made products. “If I’m a guy’s 80% customer, is he going to fight with me?” Ross says. “No, he’s going to negotiate.”

They can't "lean" on anyone. It's not Mexico that decides what imports to buy but rather independent economic actors in Mexico that decide what to buy. If it's so easy as they say why don't they just lean on America to buy more American goods and less Mexican goods?


Also while they've been talking smack about Mexico they've been poking Canada with a stick. If these guys don't think that Canada will retaliate on trade they are deluding themselves.

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Fits right in with his boss.

That article was pretty brutal. I guess the Forbes people are pretty pissed off.


It makes one of their best marketing/branding tools look bad, so they're taking it seriously no doubt.

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I'm in some kind of shock after reading the article linked to in Liberty's post #3 in this topic.


I have a couple of questions:


1. Are the business interests of the members of the US Government made public somewhere?

2. Is there any response or reaction to the Forbes article linked to by Liberty from Mr. Ross?

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