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Alexander Hamilton


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I have just finished reading [amazonsearch]Alexander Hamilton[/amazonsearch] by Ron Chernow today.


What a sad end for a man so much brilliant he was decades ahead of all his contemporaries, intellectually at least! He single handedly envisioned and built the capitalistic system that was going to be so much successful in the centuries that followed, while Jefferson and Adams still regarded banks and corporations as an evil to be defeated at all costs…


And yet, he died in a duel over an adjective he happened to use indiscreetly during a social gathering, and left his family in dire financial straits, indebted, and at the mercy of his creditors…


I am getting ever more convinced that in the long run no IQ level can compensate for a lack of rationality and clear thinking.


Men are rather reasoning then reasonable animals, for the most part governed by the impulse of passion.

--Alexander Hamilton, Letter of April 16, 1802


Sadly, in the end that description fitted Mr. Hamilton as well…






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I have that one on my shelf, looking forward to reading it. I wasn't that familiar with Mr. Hamilton until someone - I don't remember who it was at the moment - explained why he was such a special man and that made me want to learn more.


I'm currently reading a book about the Apollo Project. Not sure what I'll read next, but this thread has definitely bumped the Hamilton bio up the stack....

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I read Hamilton several years ago. I had an original edition. My daughter saw the play on Broadway and loved it. The next time she was back in NYC she saw it again so I had Chernow sign my book and gave it to her.


Last night I saw Hamilton in LA with my daughter. It was my father's day present. It was her fourth time seeing it--twice on Broadway and twice in LA.


I loved it. It was amazing and quite emotional at the end.

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