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The Small Cap Advantage - Brian Bares


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The book is ok. I can't say I learned a lot from it though.


The title is pretty misleading in my opinion. It hardly talks about the "small cap advantage" itself and instead outlines what it took to start his hedge fund.


The book goes into pretty good detail on the ins and outs of the fund business, not the business of selecting stocks.


To be honest, it reads like an advertisement for his own fund which started out in small caps. You can hardly call his current portfolio "small caps." That's what happens when you grow your AUM, as he astutely points out in his book, those that are successful in small caps naturally have to leave them behind.


I thought his talk was better than the book, but if you're interested in starting a fund, this one is much better than 'So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund?' by Ted Seides.

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