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  1. Looks like a pay day lender where they lend money short term and charge a huge interest rate. These were very popular in the UK a few years ago until the government capped the rate they could charge in a big way. When people couldnt pay back the loans they ruined lives. Goverment enforced rules. "Borrowers pay no more than 0.8% of the amount borrowed per day, and a maximum of 100% of the loan in fees and charges."
  2. My European broker only charges me a comission of 1c per share on US trades. Im sure there is little difference between low cost broekers and payment for orderflow companies, the issue is that its a shady and opaque way to charge someone fees.
  3. Its not comission free, they are selling orderflow, They are saying its free but getting you a worse price? Thats the issue here, Its just a more complicated way than charging comissions. "payment for order flow, generated about $331 million in revenue for Robinhood in the first quarter"
  4. I just went with a low cost one, Vaguard total china.
  5. "Buying stock we dont know a great deal about because we prefer them to treasury bonds." Same thing Charlie said about Baba.
  6. He was getting so frustrated at the lack of basic accounting knowledge of the students quite entertaining to watch.
  7. Been having login issues same as other have described. Dev page saying im temporarly blocked.
  8. I dont know, Joel Greenblatts fund is doing exactly this. Mostly holds the index and the makes large bets on high conviction ideas long and short. if he can out perform by a couple of % a year that will have a large impact over time.
  9. "A Cargo Ship Drew a Giant Dick Pic in the Ocean Then Got Stuck in the Suez Canal", Lads! https://www.vice.com/en/article/pkdjzb/cargo-ship-suez-canal-dick-pic-ever-given
  10. I think it was quite popular with the reddit crowd for a while.
  11. More BABA. Honestly im getting overly excited.
  12. Yeah I see this too. I think for you to stray into something outside the circle the value has to be even more apparent, thus probably investing in better opportunities. Also when i think i understand an investment and believe it is in my circle it soon becomes obvious i dont have a clue. I think there is a certain amount of bias when assesing outcomes also. If you were not sure if an investment would work out and it does its a more positive experience than if you were sure something would work and it does.
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