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Will the Republicans take the Senate tonight?

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I'm not sure about "good for energy" or even what that means.  Oil/Gas?  Solar/Wind?  Nuclear?  Your ability to run long distances? 


But in general whenever the Senate and Whitehouse are held by different parties that is a good thing for the country.  Gridlock is good.

The best thing you can hope for is for them to get nothing done.


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Re: healthcare


It's like handling something super flammable to discuss healthcare I think...but I will say that our rates (my wife and I are both self employed and we have a young kid) used to rise 5-8% a year......then the healthcare "reform"....


2012 18% rise

2013 90% (no typo) rate rise....with a 5 figure annual deductible (which the insurance company took the liberty of bumping up a few thousand in the process automatically)...

2014 ??? don't know yet


I was so annoyed that I went to the whitehouse.gov in 2013 on a Friday afternoon and politely but strongly vented (sent an email to you know who)...do they not see that all the items they "forced" the insurance companies to pay for (Add on coverage for) ...the companies said yes we will pay for them AFTER you meet the deductible...this is not productive for entrepreneurs...which in turn is not helping to expand and grow the country.. (ok a bit of a stretch but you get the picture)...I assumed the email would go into a black hole..


To my amazing surprise...48 hrs later on a Sunday morning...the phone rang with an unlisted phone number (I rarely answer these but for some reason I did this one)...Mr....? This is (a women's name) calling about your email on Friday. Do you have a few minutes? Um..sure I replied...Mr. ...can. I walk you through the healthcare plans and or explain some options to you? ...


She spent 45 minutes chatting with me...end result..same plan I had already signed up for...net net (pun intended) -- well, the Whitehouse has folks who read emails and do try and walk you through options...I still think the plans need adjusting to be more affordable and we will see how the rates rise from here..at some point...It may just be cheaper to set aside a substantial chunk while in the middle of life and self insure...and pay whatever fines they wish to impose..


rant over :)....


Note: I know the rates are different for those fully employed and those pretty young and older...it's the middle folks who are self-employed who saw their rates just soar...





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I remember losing my coverage in 2012 when I moved from Washington to California.  I was no longer a resident of Washington so they were forced to drop me.  Nobody in California would take me on due to a pre-existing condition.


You guys are right, can't wait to go back to that system again.

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