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Playing Ping Pong with Ariel Hsing at Berkshire's AGM

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From what I hear, Prem was an IIT table-tennis champion!  Also, my father was a Simon Fraser University and BC Champion back in the 70's.  I can play too...not as good as my father, but I was pretty good.  Alan, we should play next time in Toronto...I'll get a table set up before the Fairfax Shareholder's Dinner.  ;D  Cheers!

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Let's get Warren and Prem to play.  It would be the epic battle of the century!  The "Canadian Warren Buffet" V. The "American Prem Watsa".  What a tag line!!


We can set up some sort of dueling website where folks could place bets in the form of donations.  If you think Buffet is going to win, you pledge money to The Glide Foundation.  If you think Watsa is going to win, you pledge money to The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of Canada or the Dakshana Foundation.  Undecided 'bets' go into a pool and the winners charity takes that pool of cash! 


Alan, Sanjeev  - Pick up the phone and pitch it to these two Ping Pong Legends!    :)


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