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  1. To pick your brain: Is the current "plumbing" so bad that it needs to be replaced? What are the primary factors of limitation when it comes to transaction speed? I use tap pay and it's pretty much instant. If I transfer money from one of my bank accounts to another, it's pretty much instant as well. If I choose to pay off my credit card early, Capital One will credit me the amount immediately until my payment posts the following day. If transactions become so efficient and fast, would this also subject them to real time value change? In other words, I don't worry about inflation or
  2. Trimmed RTX in my non-taxable account and shifted proceeds into LMT and GD
  3. Re-established a position in PLTR the last few days. Will average in if prices stay in current range.
  4. Agreed, similar to Spotify etc. If you want ad free then pay a small premium. Sticky business model as well. Sanjeev might have a Planet Fitness "foget about it" cash cow on his hands.
  5. Been a member at all 3 within the last 5 years. Costco > BJ’s > Sam’s Samsclub just feels like a cheap knockoff of Costco and ends up being disappointing. Although I do keep a membership there simply for their gas rewards. At least at BJs I’m getting a solid discount most of the time.
  6. I agree, I'm just calling out the loud mouths who like to "manage" the lives of others. As I said, to each their own
  7. If you're primary motivation for getting the vaccine as a healthy 20 something year old is to avoid potential long term side effects, then I also hope these same individuals exercise daily, consume zero sugar, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, GMO produce, starch, red meats, tobacco and alcohol. If your motivation is something else...well to each their own!
  8. Inspectors are the weathermen of the trades industry.
  9. APTS (thanks Greg seems interesting) ATCO AMZN BRKB
  10. New site looks good! Still has a nice familiar "forumy" feel to it. Only suggestions: 1.) Option for ad free browsing? 2.) Ad placement on the sides, instead of right in the middle of the main scroll body? 3.) Put classic emojis at the top of the selection
  11. Hi SouthernYankee, please don't take any offense. That argument would be ok if your choice in not taking the vaccine had no impact on others...say like getting a stent put in or not, because you have a clogged artery, or not getting chemo because you have cancer. But this is far more impactful and detrimental than even second hand smoke in how you affect others around you...unless you stay in your home locked up and never seen anyone again. I think that is the main point anyone in favor of inoculation is making...not the statistics, politics, etc. Simply that the more people va
  12. Spek you and Doo basically called me an idiot and "obtuse" because I said you can still potentially spread the virus after getting the vaccine. So my conclusion was that it doesn't serve much benefit to me because I'm young and healthy (plus my work/social situation) and that other high risk individuals could take it first. I'll gladly wait a year or two for more trials and information on the risks. I don't want to have to look for one of those 1-800 Mesothelioma type commercials when I'm in my 50s ;D But then just last week Fauci is saying even after being vaccinated you need to wear "two
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