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  1. Haven't seen Biden's OCC nominee Saule Omarova mentioned yet on this thread or anywhere else. She holds some pretty radical views on credit markets and is a crypto skeptic. "By making transacting faster, easier, cheaper, and instantly adjustable to individual parties’ needs and preferences, new technology is empowering private actors to engage in virtually unconstrained financial speculation. Unless the public side proactively counters new technologies’ potentially destabilizing systemic effects, it may soon find itself in an impossible position of having to back up an uncontrollable and unsustainably self-referential financial system." Full Paper https://digitalcommons.law.yale.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1545&context=yjreg
  2. 1 in 10 people have an IQ below 83. The poverty rate in the US is 11.4% of the population. Schooling has something to do with it, but there is also an entire other degree to this. The United States Military has an IQ threshold of 83. They have studied this extensively for decades and come to the conclusion that there is absolutely NO job in the military that can be done by these individuals which provides any semblance of productivity or value. It has also been shown that NO amount of training, funds, or time can help people below this threshold learn a skill etc. This has been well documented by clinical psychologists. This is a problem that nobody knows how to solve and everything that has been tried does not work *(funding, trainings programs, government jobs programs, welfare, etc.).
  3. I concur, it’s a very good book and worth a read and re-read. @TwoCitiesCapital The Brazil news if passed is certainlysignificant, but I still thinking looking at it as “the 13th largest economy” isn’t the right way. BTC needs a truly influential country to adopt it. I don’t think Brazil quite fits that mold. But perhaps a segway?
  4. Make sure to get your work from home agreements in writing @Spek, I was just in San Antonio for a wedding this past weekend and turned it into a mini vacation with the wife. Spent a few days in Austin and Dallas as well. Stopped in Waco to make the "white woman pilgrimage" to "Mecca" I mean Magnolia. All three cities worth visiting (Waco not so much), but completely different vibes. Dallas was my least favorite though. Hog hunts with former SEALs make for pretty good bachelor parties.
  5. Jordan Peterson has done some really great work and covers some really interesting topics on thought sociology and philosophy. Some of his early lectures on the USSR and Nazi Germany are pretty fascinating. Also if your a fan of Dostoyevsky or Neitzche he is worth a listen as he has done some extensive work on them. His Sam Harris debate is also worth a watch. Honestly it’s a disservice to say he is a self help guru. Or compare him to “Dr. Phil” who doesn’t even have a degree.
  6. I will say at least China understands the influence the “arts” have on a society
  7. That article is pure class warfare propaganda. Sorry, but this attack on savings, family money, private property, assets and financial classes is sickening. It’s the same language the USSR used and it’s being used by OUR journalists and politicians alike.
  8. LOL and that it how Castanza became an alcoholic.
  9. Recently watched the film "Dinner with Andre" and picked up a bottle of Amaretto (although not quite the same). It's an interesting liquor for sure.
  10. I have Target, Wegmans, Costco and Giant near me and none of them carry it (and they’re supposed to according to FT website). Probably just order it online at this point.
  11. I’ve heard of fever tree but can’t ever find it near me. Can only find tonic in generic half liters which always pisses me off because it goes flat. Next month I’m headed to Kentucky for some bourbon bliss. My friends wife was the lead design for Heaven Hill’s new facility/addition so she’s hooking us up with a private tour and potentially some unreleased small batch samples
  12. Are you a gin man? Going to have to pick up a bottle this weekend. Sapphire the way to go? Typically just went with Beefeater or Tang
  13. I agree with all of your points except the last It's not the money that is the problem, but the ways which is can currently be used to influence politics. Most of your above points would take care of the later imo. Govt has just so much waste it's sickening. I mean the latest infra bill is a perfect example. Look at how much is actually going to infra. We need a Calvin Coolidge president who does nothing but cut bloat for 8 years and once that's done re-evaluate what tax revenue needs to look like. Not an easy or simple situation and honestly I don't think there is a fix. I recent have re-read Solzhenitsyn: The Gulag Archipelago and some of Dostoevsky works. Class warfare is something that spirals very quickly and I find it concerning that there is very similar language being lauded by our politicians on both sides of the aisle. __________________________________________________ At the end of the day if you have to have a death tax, I think the cap could be much higher than 3.5m. I think society in general should be shifting back towards family dependence and not government dependence.
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