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  1. Dalio seems to be an individual with an open mind. Of course, that does not mean he would come to invest in bitcoin eventually, but sill. In november, he was asking people to help him figure it out.
  2. are Polkadot, Chainlink, Cardano... competitors of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, or just of Ethereum? I ask because these coins are often said to have the same, or more, features than Ethereum, but with better technology, while Bitcoin is already accepted to have less features than even Ethereum. of course, this doesnt make them friends of Bitcoin, but, at least to my eyes, does make Ethereum their main rival. those points are arguable, and many will say even totally wrong. I am not asking about whether they are true or not, I just mention them as point of departure, because I think they represent a very widely held view. if you dont agree with that, though, please say so. discussing about what we speculate most people think may also prove useful. thanks.
  3. Went back some pages, but did not find anything about the theory that Tether printed without USD backing are being used to manipulate the price of BTC up. There may be something, however, as this was already being discussed out there a few months ago. In any case, if this is true, and regulation was to stop the proliferation of tether (and/or similar stable coins), the price of bitcoin could be negatively impacted, so the argument goes. What do you make of it? https://medium.com/texas-mccombs/tether-connection-puts-bitcoin-at-risk-a6d332784f98 https://coingeek.com/tether-printing-presses-in-overdrive-as-regulators-watch-closely/
  4. Somebody, somewhere, bought bitcoins for a few dollars. ...and sold them for a few hundred. One might think they were stupid. Another one might think they acted judiciously, considering the information they had at the moment. The choice belongs to each of us.
  5. Thank you for the detailed response. Much appreciated :)
  6. Viking, arent we already past recovery in stocks? I thought many markets were at all time highs (some names in the hospitality, air travel industries that I follow are now higher than before the February/March crash!). MSCI India closed the year 15% up. And if I heard correctly, value had performed well at last. Anyway, good luck with the pick!
  7. I am not sure if it will help you, as the ETFs trade in Nasdaq Stockholm in SEK. Each has a version that trades in EUR, though. This is the website of the provider: https://coinshares.com/etps/xbt-provider
  8. I am buying ETFs with "physical" backing. I would prefer to buy bitcoin and ether directly (what I have done in the past) but reasons not worth discussing here have me not doing so until about next summer. Then I will sell the ETFs and use the proceeds to buy bitcoin, ether.
  9. If it may be of help... I left the boat just before one of the big falls, just at the fall started. I did so because of a fundamental reason, though: I feared that cryptos would eventually be banned. Only a few weeks ago, I revisited the space, and at the same time, my mind changed about the ban. Bitcoin (and company) are now in too many hands (including strong hands). I think that laws making prices tank are still a very real possibility, but the risk / reward is now acceptable to me. So... I am building a position in btc and eth. Despite the massive rallies. I would have had my position already built if not because of cash flow constraints. Anyway, I am adding at these levels. One needs to be prepared for big declines, though.
  10. My understanding is that PCR false positives should be close to zero, but that, in practice, this is not the case. You probably know more about it than me, though. In any case, I wish your family stays well. quote source: https://www.icd10monitor.com/false-positives-in-pcr-tests-for-covid-19
  11. SE0010296582 Ether Tracker (beware, 2.5% annual fees)
  12. It certainly looks like market inefficiency there. I would be tempted to make it a very large portion of the portfolio.
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