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  1. The Nomad Letters are exceptional, value-compounding prose! I finished reading them about a month ago, and feel that I will still be coming back to them at least twice a year. They are that good.
  2. Having been on my 'To Do' list for a long time, I finally got around to reading the Nomad Partnership letters over the weekend. Wow! I cannot remember the last time I derived so much value from something relative to the time required to read it. They can only be described as 'essential reading' for any investor with a long-term outlook. The concept of 'scale economics shared' is wonderfully intuitive, and has gotten my juices flowing again for ideas. I'd be grateful for any pointers on micro or mid-cap companies in any geography that are currently employing this business model. I feel the urge to start digging into some 10Ks! Thanks.
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