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  1. Is Greg still in timeout? He got me interested in Cannabis investing last year and it has turned out well so far.
  2. Thanks backtothebeach. Wish we would of risked that yesterday afternoon!
  3. Canadien LPs are ridiculous: $SNDL MC = $3.63B Last Q Sales = $10M Last Q Net Loss = $56M 90x t sales & 50x fwd sales Neg. t & fwd EBITDA $AYRWF MC = $2.57B Last Q Sales = $45.5M Last Q EBITDA = $19.3M 14x t sales & 3.5x fwd sales 33x t EBITDA & 8.5x fwd EBITDA
  4. Agree 100% that shorting Tilray to buy Aphria is stupid. Was wondering if the duration of the deal close and likelihood could somehow figure into different time and strike calls/puts in Tilray/Alphria somehow. to make a value / risky bet? It would be the kind of thing that might involve harvesting /selling the high volatility in the options to take advantage of the WSB/RH. Perhaps just having a trade ready when news breaks would be the play. GME was obvious at $450 but I didn’t have a trade ready when the news changed. This is interesting because Aphria is being dragged along with the squee
  5. J and J is in the mushroom ETF at five percent . I think cannabis is more investable of course but perhaps look to a country like Israel and their drug developing expertise. It seems the drugs from the pot plant work on more physical type ailments while drugs from mushrooms are trickier and work on the psyche (depression etc. ) which is a harder clinical research based “sell”. Appreciate the response though greatly.
  6. Crickets... just like my OSTK post when it was $50. I know we are value investors and don’t like being outside a circle of competence and that compounding is a way to wealth and tax avoidance...etc but geez let’s make some money here by sharing ideas and discussing opportunities. -Willie
  7. The WSB/Robinhood crowd has apparently moved on from GME and AMC and is squeezing Tilray. Current after hours quotes are $72 for Tilray and $28 for Aphria. This link speaks to the arbitrage. I believe the deal will close. Is there a way to speculate on this with options without shorting Tilray (which is hard to do and has high borrow). https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.fool.com/amp/investing/2021/02/10/aphria-is-becoming-the-stock-markets-biggest-merge/ -Willie
  8. Sold some of the pot positions bought before the elections (not a political post or meant to offend ).
  9. BMWLF , CCHWF, HRVSF , GRAMF Buying Bluma Wellness (BMWLF) looked like a discounted way to own Cresco Labs. Bought during the downdraft early in the trading day. Hoping Cresco’s acquisition of Bluma will close. Columbia Care (CCHWF) is positioned in the right states and shares have underperformed to peer group MSOs recently. Harvest (HRVSF) has 23 of 38 dispensaries in Arizona and Pennsylvania. Also bought some GRAMF hoping that the California cannabis assets, Caliva and Left Coast, that were bought by this SPAC before the two elections (Presidential and Georgia) will rerate. The Par
  10. I’ve seen this shared publicly in a couple of places and it mentions AYR: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gyzNcRkFS5bbfSSvJX3bvNwvmXvE9cQL/view -willie
  11. Well...schucks.....wish I’d bought at $50 when pondering it in the post above.
  12. Again MSOS and selling a 2/19/21 covered call
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