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When you've got a government (i.e. violence) protected monopoly in most of the areas where you operate you can do what you wish.


Monopolies = bad and expensive service. This is true whether you are talking about public education, police protection, or internet access.


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The American system (crony-capitalism, corporatism, mercantilism, fascism, or whatever you want to call it) at its best.


Why use your resources to compete in the marketplace with all its uncertainties and all those fickle customers, when controlling the use of government violence through the political process to maintain your market share is so much easier?


Comcast funding political groups to defeat Seattle Mayor who is getting gigabit fiber for Seattle

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We have Comcast and we also hate them. But we do pay less than most everyone else, probably about 70% of what everyone else pays. About once a year our bill pops back up to what everyone elses' is. My wife calls Comcast and asks for customer retention. She says we are going to stop their service and switch to directTV unless they can do something. So far, for several years in a row, they have given us a one year special deal. This year they even threw in 3 months of free HBO, which we didn't have. We just had to cancel the HBO after three months so that we would not start being charged for it.

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Guest wellmont

One of my biggest mistakes ever: selling out of Comcast at $25 a share and never putting any money back in.


bigger mistake. selling my charter warrants after what I thought was a big gain. :(

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