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The Man Who is Selling Canada Short


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Article on a hedge fund manager who has taken a massive short position against the Canadian dollar and banks.  Thanks to Alan for the link!  Cheers!




How likely is this to happen? It is not similar to the us housing bubble, in which lots of people bought homes with 2-3 year interest only loans.

Also right now all central banks have the attitude of printing money out of the trouble, so I think a soft landing is more likely than a hard landing.

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Sanjeev, you should be in bed at this time, no? :)


Looks like you are Prasad's babysitter. ;D

Sanj can not sleep because his beloved Nuks lost the opening game in the play offs. I have never met Sanj but I just know that if I stood in the Costco hot dog line up before the game he would be there. 
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