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Options, Futures and Other Derivatives - John C. Hull


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[amazonsearch]Options, Futures and Other Derivatives[/amazonsearch]


Hull's book is regarded as the standard (intro) options and derivatives book.  I think it is very well written, and I firmly believe that many people on this board should take a deep dive and go through the book before laying out their hard earned dollars in the options market.


Many options strategies discussed on this board are simple enough to be fully understood after reading the book.  I believe once more people have a better understanding, it will increase the quality of conversation, as well as the board members' profits!


Value investing shouldn't be an excuse for not arming yourself with info.  I know some options traders who would be licking their lips listening to some of the recent discussion.  Let's not be the patsy at the table.

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Haven't read all of Taleb's book, but what I have read was good and from a practitioners standpoint.





Paul Wilmott's book is a descent theoretical intro as well, comes with spreadsheet examples and things (and fewer formulas).

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