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Watch Out Lance Armstrong!


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Jonesing for junk food Parsad?


burgers, cookies, and now hot dogs.


Yeah, Alnesh, my brother and I have a bet going on who can lose the most weight before the wedding.  The winner gets a suit from the other two.  I was winning, but then I went on a potato chip and softdrink binge for a week and a half during the Euro Cup...now I've got alot of catching up to do!  Cheers!

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I remember watching Nathan's Hotdog eating 10 years ago in cable channel(rerun) . There were 3 Japanese contenders and 3 of them beaten ex-Champion handily .The 3rd place was a Japanese middle age woman.  I though it was crazy that Japanese champion can eat 24-25 hotdogs that time.  But later year when Kobayashi came to Nathan's contest. He broke all previous record by double .He ate 50+ hotdogs. It was truly amazing.  Kobayashi set new standard for competitive eating. He beaten every competitive eater in Japan that time by very wide margin.  Chestnut came later but his record is so great also.


Kobayashi in 2001 TV show  ( Akasaka finished 3rd place in Nathan's before the year that Kobayashi won the title) 


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I was planning on starting a non-investing thread on this subject next January but will offer a sneak peak now. As a value investor, real-world stats and case studies resonate more than marketing gibberish ever can. With that in mind, I’ve got 6 months of data right now to share as shown below. Full disclosure, I’m in my late (really late) 40’s and average as it relates to athletic ability and overall health.


I’ve been dieting for the past year or so but really tracked my exercise closely for the past 6 months, since January 1. If we assume that adding weight results when calorie intake is greater than calorie burn and, conversely, losing weight results when calorie burn is greater than calorie intake, there are two ways to lose weight…reduce calories or increase calorie burn (exercise). For years I’d gone the “reduce calorie” route as it was effective for me. However, as the years have advanced, simply reducing calories has had less and less effectiveness. Getting old sucks.


In tracking the past 6 months, I’ve logged almost every workout on a spreadsheet, tracking and calculating the calories burned with almost every workout. There are many, many ways to calculate the calories burned but I’ll simply say that the method I’ve used has been on the conservative side. That said, here’s the math:


Since January 1, I’ve lost 12 lbs. Since January 1, I’ve exercised (combination of running, other cardio and weights) for a total of 68 hours (2 hours, 37 minutes per week) which has burned between 35,796 and 59,660 calories depending on how it is calculated or, when subtracting the amount of calories I’d have burned by simply sitting (reading, watching TV, etc) results In 29,782 to 53,646 net calories burned. Assuming that one lb. of bodyfat is lost with every 3,500 calories of effort, the data suggests that my exercising has caused between 8.5 and 15.3 lbs of weight loss. Let’s take the low end to be conservative…of the 12 lbs I’ve lost, 8.5 lbs or 71% of my weight loss can be attributed to exercise.


Wanna win this bet? Exercise and hit it hard! Good luck.




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