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Downhill speed in a bicycle race?


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There was a remark on a closed thread about getting ahead of the competition in a bicycle race by racing at 60 miles per hour downhill.  Presumably, that would have been solo. Interestingly, the fastest I've ever bicycled downhill on an extreme slope was 47 MPH in a tuck, and that was hairy.  Wind resistance increases with the square of the speed with laminar flow.  Without perfect streamlining, the rate of increase of resistance is even more as speed increases.



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60 seems entirely doable.


Practically, from the examples in Moore's link, that solo speed with no tailwind seems to require a slope of about 20%.  that's way, way beyond grade.  Dangerous doesn't come close to describing such a ride.  Foolhardy is an understatement.  Hitting a small pebble could be fatal.  :-[

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Historically I've enjoyed reading thoughts on this board but that said, I can't believe what an unfair prick youv'e been regarding your diatribe re Ryan on a public (and prominent) board within he value community. I could probably write 10 pages picking apart your comments and outlining your poor form and lack of class on this one but I'll keep it short and to the point.


First, I find it outrageous that you would start this witch hunt without simply emailing Ryan to get his take before jumping to conclusions and assuming the worst. I mean what's your motivation here? What's your point? I've known him for a couple of years now and he's about as candid, humble, and intellectually honest as any PM I know. He's made mistakes as we all have and has had a tough year, but he is focused on the right things, learns from his mistakes, and I'm confident he will materially outperform in the long run. The fact that you would attack his credibility/acumen with two bad years as your basis (versus critiquing his thought process, judgement, or any other element that's actually indicative of investing talent) says a whole lot more about you than him.


Second, The idea that those returns weren't achievable with 10m or even 20m is ridiculous given what he owned, so your whole rant on how it's dishonest to claim those returns because of his small capital base or his timing based on the evidence you outline is lacking if not nonsensical. obviously there are dishonest people out there that do exactly what you imply Morris has but that doesn't mean that's the case here.


Anyhow, I could go on but maybe you should think twice and gather a bit more evidence (maybe even call the guy) before you decide to assault someone character in a public way. I don't want to drag this out or discuss it in any more detail (I've said my piece) just couldn't let you get away with not getting called out.

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I remember seeing videos of this guy and his bikes years ago.  He worked on the hybrid rocket engine that propelled SpaceShipOne to its X-Prize winning flights.    I'm sure he can do 60mph even uphill.  Leverage.

Apparently he's got his daughter into rocket biking as well.


Rocket Bikes






(Seriously, this whole thread is just in terrible taste.  Enough is enough!)

I do agree with this sentiment as well.

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