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Submit Your Questions to Bruce Berkowitz...

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On February 8, 2012, Fairholme Capital Management will broadcast an interview with Bruce Berkowitz, Chief Investment Officer. Fred Fraenkel, Chief Research Officer, will moderate the conversation.


Shareholders can submit questions to Bruce via email at investorrelations@fairholme.net by Sunday, January 29th.


His answers will be taped and the entire interview will be posted on www.fairholmefunds.com on February 8th.


What are you going to ask him?  ???

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I'd be curious as to how he got his earnings power estimates for AIG (I believe he was estimating at 6 dollars a share?).  When I went over the filings, I didn't get that high of a number. 


However, we haven't been able to get him in our 401k, so I'm not currently a shareholder...

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Once again Bruce Berkowitz is taking your questions:




“The conference call provides an opportunity to expand upon our core beliefs, strategies, and ideas, most recently presented in our annual letter. Since its inception, Fairholme’s strategy has been to invest in deeply undervalued securities with the expectation that the market will eventually recognize our estimation of their underlying intrinsic values. I look forward to discussing our holdings and outlook, as well as to address questions that are on the minds of our investors.


I'd like to ask him what happened to his former belief in investing in companies that produce a lot of free cash.

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Actually, same question about MBI.


Looking back 5 years, which (if any) of the stocks that he talked about with Consuela Mack have turned out to really be heavily below intrinsic value at the time.  I think AIG potentially.  But there seem to be an awful lot of misses.


I'm really quite interested in which of these investors really is making money from below IV investing versus great trading.

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Is he willing to admit he was wrong on his massive investment in SHLD?


I think he answered your question today.




But I believe his investors disagree.

His last trade was a sale of 10,200 with a note that says.

In addition to the 10,200 securities reported in Column 4, the amount reported in Column 5 accounts for 593,000 shares now held in accounts over which the Reporting Person no longer has beneficial ownership.


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