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The Seven Immutable Laws of Investing


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Looks like there's a new James Montier piece out.




I'm not sure if anyone else on here follows him, but I've always found his writing to be both timely and brilliant.

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I've just read The Little Book of Behavorial Investing (which was a true eye-opener and light read at once, recommended!) so I will definitely check this out. Thank you!



James Montier is one of my favorite writers.  I would highly recommend his other book "Value Investing" for a deeper look into the concepts that he introduces in The Little Book of Behavioral Investing.

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I have always enjoyed reading Montier's stuff but I think I liked this article the most... he seems to have distilled Graham, Buffett, Keynes and Templeton thinking into his 7 laws. And then he overlays this into what we are seeing in the markets today. Bottom line... he says likely a good time to raise some cash and be patient and wait for the next fat pitch. 

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