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Chrysler is a bad joke


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Chrysler has been trying to strong arm the Canadian government and the CAW by threatening to take their plants out of Canada.  My opinion is "let the f__s leave".  Their biggest market by % of market share is Canada.  Talk about a bad strategy.  We'll take our ball and go...where? 


I am sure of one thing, they can kiss their Canadian market goodbye if they pull a stunt like this.  Cerberus sure picked up a dud on this round.  Looks good on them.  And interestingly, why isn't Cerberus putting more money into Chrysler?  Is the 3 headed dog to protect Cerberus potential shareholders from putting their money in hell, or to keep the money in once its been extracted.  End of rant.


I was going to express my feelings on thievery at AIG next but I'll pass.  Plenty of others have expressed their outrage.  It's pretty simply to break a contract, Arnold just did it in California.  And I am not even a socialist in any normal sense of the concept. 

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Guest Broxburnboy

Yes, let the F***ers go. The GM bailout was bad enough, but in the case of Chrysler it makes even less sense.

Bottom line is that production and employment in this industry has to go down as a result of excess unsold inventory.

It makes no sense to keep current or past levels of production, this will only delay any rebound.


Jobs must be lost, but the unionized workers have had the risk of cyclical unemployment compensated for by the high

wages they previously enjoyed. The writing has been on the wall for this industry for quite some time... this failure is not an extraordinary

event that can be rolled back. Presumably the 9000 workers affected in Canada have prepared for this day they all knew

was coming. They also have employment insurance and a sound, funded pension plan.


Any stimulus funds from government to any business must be an investment in productive, wealth creating enterprises, not throwing

good money after bad.

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It's not so different than Walmart or McDonalds closing a store that tries to unionize.  I have no problem if they want to do that, or if Chrysler is playing hardball.  They just have to deal with any fallout that comes from playing such a hand.  If they leave because the Canadian Government or CAW don't want to bend, then Chrysler has to live with that decision, just like the government or the union has to as well.  This is a capitalist society and businesses, government and individuals all have choices...be it savory or unsavory.  Cheers!

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Much more elegant to nationalize Chryslers Cdn plants at $1 each, use the dies to make Chrysler knock-offs, & the cash received to make electric cars, buses, etc. (Zen, etc.).


Ahahaha  ;D That would be quite ironical, but politicaly impossible. Anyway, GM and Chrysler brands will be wounded.


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Sanj, I think the point I am making is that Chryser has no bargaining power in Canada.  That they are exercising this threat, and apparently making a token effort in moving stuff out of Windsor plants, shows what incredibly desperate sleezeballs we are dealing with.


Its real bad politics on the part of Chrysler and is not going to help their case.  I think they thought public opinion would swing behind Ch against the CAW but this is not turning out to be the case.  People figure we should just get rid of everyone at once and be done with them.  We have very successful Honda, Toyota, GM, and Ford plants so who cares? 

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