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Now that the market has kicked everybody in the teeth, does anyone have any ideas for great growth stocks that are cheaply valued and have a moat, say like a young Microsoft or Walmart? (I hear the objections already, what moat did Walmart have then. Well I would say that their operational excellence made them damn hard to compete against, ever Costco is afraid of them!)  Companies with good returns on capital that are inexpensive, if not down right cheap!


I am thinking of smaller companies (50 mm to 1,000 mm market cap) that still have enough heft to survive in this environment.


Photo Channel is interesting but a tad risky for my tastes.  Of course I think that FFH may have another 10 to 15 year run compounding at 15 to 20%.


Ideas anyone?

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Research in Motion:


PE = 13


It's the intangibles that are impressive.  Users:

- Your president; police forces across NA; Governments across the world; Businesses worldwide;


I think this company most closely resembles Microsoft around 1990. 


It's the network not the device.  The users want a secure network.


The stock is near a 3 or 4 year low. 


No holdings at the present time. 

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Peter, Your rationale doesn't make sense.  The title of the thread was value plus growth.  There was no implication of margin of safety which IMO exists for none of the companies you mentioned or Rim.


Here is what I see:


MSFT - weak franchise - many of their products are steadoly being supplanted by open source - will remain a good cah flow generator due to perpetual upgrade cycles.


Nokia - no longer in the game where Rim is concerned - a mobile phone maker. 


Apple - dependent on the fickleness of consumers and the continued wizardry - probably by far the highest risk of the companies you mentioned.  Easy to figure where they make their money but hard to figure where they will make their money one year from now.


Google - doesn't offer the value - unknown future competitors.  Too dependent on advertising.


Rim - technology risk exists but they have a fairly strong SERVICE franchise among the parties I mentioned.  Closest resemblance is to MSFT, with its perpetual upgrade cycle. 


Not presently a shareholder in any of the above.  My order of purchase at the present time would be RIM, MSFT, and none of the others.



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Regarding Google, just a little comment here.


I use Google pay per click (I'm a certified Google AdWords professional), Microsoft (AdExcellence certified), Yahoo and some others.


By far, Google has the most advanced features. Google has the most search queries. By far, Google has the most extensive network of websites for content advertising and Google is the most user friendly software for pay per click advertising.


Good luck to kill Google!! I wouldn't bet a nickle on that. It's not impossible, but it would be quite tough.


That being said, I think they are "diworsifying" their operating activities, so I have never invested in the business.





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Sharper, You suggest that one needs to understand the company to understand its value.


PD seems to run a specialty in coal bed methane, and unconventional gas drilling, slanted holes, SAGD etc.  They also provide turnkey service to their customers.  Is this the sort of thoughts you have in mind.  I should probably start a separate thread. 

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Stella Jones SJ-T


Consolidator in the treated wood production and wholesale. Cost conscious management. Good balance sheet. Growth. Infrastructure play. Main concern would be commodity cyclical nature of business and pricing power .

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