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Anyone sitting on Cash?


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With the recent privatization of Northbridge, I'm sitting on about 6% cash in my portfolio. I'm not sure what to do with it, I had a couple of ideas but for now I'm happy just sitting and watching.


So anyone else sitting on cash and watching or are you all in?

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Well, I'm all in now, and then some.


In the past week I've increased my FFH holdings exposure (common and options) by 25%.


May not be the bottom for FFH, but I'm happy buying 50 cent dollars when I know the dollars really well. Tons of other stuff is cheaper but I just don't know it or study it like FFH. Besides, Prem is my jockey and they've got the best minds in this market to find the values. And they're investing over $1000 for every share I hold.


It will be interesting to see where we go from here.

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I'm with Mark. I'm all in but don't need to cash for some time. Also have some FFH calls.


However on a look through basis (looking through to FFH's cash that is) I am still buying. Looks like another nice convert today



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As of last night I was 80% cash and 20% stocks.

As of right now I am 60% cash and 40% stocks, with FFH (20%) and BRK (10%) my largest two holdings. I also have initiated small positions in GE, WFC and MKL (and continue to hold a couple of Canadian income trusts).


Amazing to me the swings we continue to see in FFH. 'Worth' over CAN$400 a couple of weeks ago. Now 'worth' CAN$282, for a 30% change!


The bottom last year was CAN$220 and since then it has reported earnings of US$45. The company is in a much stronger position today and looks to be trading near its lows (adjusting for earnings growth).


Regarding BRK, this is the first time I have owned!

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I am mostly cash, but that is normal. I am mostly cash/arbs in good and bad times.  I do mostly/all deal arbs, so I am always like that.


My nonarb plays are


Berkshire Hathaway (purchased in 2003)

HSY  (about 30% of the Berkshire in size)

Foot Star (liquidation play, but it is about run its course)


Then some random stuff in my retirement accounts.


All are very small plays, so I really don't care what happens to the market... just so deals/tenders/reorgs keep happening.



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