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Fairfax Financial Shareholder's Dinner - Update


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Wednesday April 21st - Evening


Fairfax Financial Shareholder's Dinner


Our annual Fairfax Financial Shareholder's Dinner is coming up again.  Last year, Francis Chou of the Chou Funds came...Francis has been at all of our dinners!  Fairfax Financial sent Sam Mitchell, Brian Bradstreet & Wayne Cadwallader.  It was an amazing opportunity to ask questions and listen to answers from some of the best investors in North America.



Joe Badali's

156 Front Street West

Toronto, Ontario


Drinks:  6:30pm

Dinner:  7:00pm

Q & A:  8:00pm-9:30pm


RSVP:  sanjeevparsad@shaw.ca


Admission:  $5/head with all proceeds going to the "Crohn's Colitis Foundation of Canada" in memory of Jo Ann Butler (Corner Market Capital Corporation will match all admissions).


Please let me know if you are coming, so we can make appropriate preparations with Joe Badali's.  So far, we have attending:


Sanjeev P.

Alnesh M.

Andrew C.

Paul R.

Tarn C.

Frank F.

William D.

Greg D.

Mayur K.

Stephen K.

Alex K.

Wayne P.

William M.

Ken R.

Norm R.

Keith S.

Bryan S.

Nicholas S.

Bob T.

Glen V.

Martin V.


Thanks very much!  Cheers!

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Yes, I'll second the recommendation of the Strathcona, but they were full, when I phoned them a while back.


I got a pretty good deal via hotwire.com, which turned out to be the Sutton Place.   No idea what sort of room they are renting at a deep discount but Sutton is a good hotel in general I think - never stayed there before.  The hotwire.com discount is pretty decent compared to nominal list price.  Requested a hotel in downtown area and took the cheapest that was >= 4-stars.  Non-refundable and one has to commit to buying blind.

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Also check Sidestep.com or GTAhotels.com for deals.  We got a really nice hotel for dirt cheap on GTA.  You want to stay in the downtown Toronto area, and preferrably close to the lake...the hotels nearest to Roy Thompson Hall and Joe Badali's are the Strathcona (as mentioned), Fairmont Royal York, Intercontinental Toronto, Westin Harbour Castle, Residence Inn Toronto, Novotel, Soho Metropolitan, Radisson Admiral & Hyatt Regency Toronto.  As long as you are downtown, you are still a 10-15 minute cab-ride to anywhere anyways, so don't worry too much.  Cheers!

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Not sure whether it is too late for you but I just got a good deal through priceline.com using their "Name Your Price" function. Booked 3 nights at the Delta Chelsea -2 nights at US$80 each and 1 night for $69 (+20% for taxes and fees). (Showing $140+ taxes on GTAhotels.com. Sutton Place is quoted at about $120+taxes - it is a nicer hotel but it is a few more blocks away and not as convenient for the Airport Express).


It's a notch below the hotels Sanjeev mentioned and not as close to the FFH meetings as the others but it is just a short train or cab ride away (or a pleasant 20-25 min walk). I've stayed there many times before and it's OK although the room quality can vary quite considerably. It can also get a bit busy sometimes. But, it's conveniently located (the Airport Express stops there) and I get free internet and room upgrades as a Delta Privilege Gold member. (If you sign up as a basic Privilege member (it's free), you can ask for early check-in and late check-out and I believe you also get free internet and local calls).


If you are interested, use "Name Your Price" selecting Toronto Downtown North and 3.5 stars. You might want to start bidding a little bit lower than I did. (Long story how I got 2 different rates - won't bore you with details unless you are interested.) Should caution you there's no guarantee that you will get same hotel but I think chances are high if you do not wait too long. Also, my experience with priceline's star ratings are that they are quite reliable. (Friends of mine last year got a room at a nice hotel for $100 in downtown Omaha during the BRK AGM! That's really cheap.) (I'm still kicking myself for not picking up priceline stock when it sold off during the crisis.)


Btw, the Airport Express is much cheaper than a cab if you are travelling alone and you get an extra 10% off if you book online.


Hope this helps!









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