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Book scam on Amazon


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I listened to a podcast couple of weeks ago where the author was talking about a book called “Price of Time” that he wrote. And it sounded very interesting so I said let’s buy it. 

I saw the “paperback” version on Amazon for $12 so went for it. 


I get the copy and Et Voila, it is a notebook with blank pages !!! WTF. I go back on Amazon and realize that someone has cleverly created a “paperback” that got linked to the “hard copy”. but it is a phony book with the same cover page as the hard copy. 

They even say that it is notebook in the description so that in technical terms they are not deviating from the intent. 



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As a bookstore owner who also sells on Amazon, I would say to go to your order page and file for a return using the reason "inaccurate website description".   If the item was on a book catalog page, their text telling you that it was a notebook is irrelevant  That seller is committing fraud, plain and simple.  Amazon will make you whole including return shipping at the seller's expense.

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1. Thanks for the heads up

2. Return it or chargeback

3. Am i the only one who finds this funny?


Regarding #2, i used to work for an online retailer.  We were charged $15 (1996 dollars) for every successful “chargeback”.  A chargeback is when you dispute a charge with your bank.


Needless to say, the we were terrified of chargebacks.  Particularly terrified of people who even knew to use that word.  nowadays I don’t hesitate to threaten a chargeback if a retailer gives me any grief.

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It's not just about the money. If I feel I get wronged, i want blood.


1) Complain about customer with the retailer in question. Get manager on the phone if possible.

2) Dispute transaction with CC company (Amex is best for this). If this fails escalate to fraud (this always gets attention).

3) Complain with BBB.org

4) Look up company in google maps and put in scathing review.

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Yeah. Thanks guys


i did go back through Amazon. They refunded me and ask me to dispose the article since it was fraud. No need for return. 

As a concerned Digital Citizen i did put pressure on them to remove that seller, for copyright violation. They said it will take a few days. I haven’t check today they finally did it.  


I did return the note-pad anyways just to experience the return process. Extremely smooth. 

this was just a heads-up for book-buyers among you. 

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I've seen a similar thing when buying books on Amazon, but never within the actual main listing for the book. It would instead be a completely separate listing that would look like the real thing, but include the term summary of, or commentary on in some nondescript place. So technically they did say it wasn't the real book, but you might click through and buy if you weren't careful. I especially saw it before the books were officially released which might fool even more people because it would be the only version immediately shipping.


It's hard to imagine the fraudulent sellers end up getting to keep enough money to be worth the effort, as a few complaints will shut them down, and Amazon holds the money for quite a while before disbursing to sellers such that they are probably shut down before getting anything. 

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