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U.S. Retail Investors Down 44% YTD Ending October 18th


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Not sure how JPM calculated this, nor how much of the retail portfolio mimics the general public, but apparently U.S. retail investor portfolios have lost 44% year to date ending October 18th due to their exposure in growth stocks.  I'm guessing meme, crypto, CBD, SPAC and new economy stocks primarily...or all of the bubble areas!  Way to go brokers and advisors!  Cheers!



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Interesting - devils in the detail.....but constructing some theoretical median retail investor portfolio over the last decade........and then charting the historical performance would be interesting.


Guess the alternative option would be to just chart Tiger Global's performance....I'm not sure if retail investors were feeding the Tiger, or wether the Tiger was feeding retail but I'm guessing the 3,5,10yr performance look pretty similar 🙂 

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4 hours ago, Spekulatius said:

The average retail investor account probably has (or had) $1500 in meme stocks, tesla call, crypto s etc. I think the median return is much more meaningful and probably close to the index returns.


Probably correct.  But average means that the more well-to-do suffered less in losses, while the median (the majority and lower net worth) got hit on the head so hard, that they're talking out of their fly now.  They'll go back to blowing their money elsewhere or just plain spend it on something that makes them happy.  Cheers!

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