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The way I use the board is to click "Activity" at the top of the page (next to "Browse").  This will show the most recent posts regardless of topic/category.  If you visit infrequently that may not be the best method, but it will always show you the most recent posts on the site.

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Hi @Fundmanagerthrwawy,


Welcome to CoBF!,


Sure, it's hard. Today, it's now about 8 1/2 years ago I joined CoBF, after beeing "orphan" for about 1/2 year after the personal decision "to get serious" into this non-zero-game. 


Today, I think I spent about 3 years reading the board, basically keeping my mouth shut [providing perhaps some 300 [low quality, I guess] posts during that time span]. During those three years, I sacrified sleep [<-!], to get "a hold" on what I was aiming to to do. [Back then, I was still in the "hamster wheel"]. During those three years, I've spent a lot of time - so to say - to read the board "in another dimension" - I was reading the board as posted by specific members during time - all the way back to the buttom of the GFC, when the recent CoBF was folded out [, to get "inside the mindset" and "modus operandi" of each individual CoBF member].


Today, it strikes me personally -, that there seem to be a correlation - over the years - here at CoBF - between beeing a polite & rational person here on CoBF - and trying to achieve outsized returns, however I can't really prove it, and I won't try to.


- - - o 0 o - - 


No matter my own biases & assumptions, welcome!



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