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  1. Added to both DIS & CVS yesterday will probably continue adding to those positions on Monday.
  2. No worries, I must say I loved the book. I tend to stay away from twitter seems very 'toxic' and I'm also not sure how to use it haha. But I'll give you a follow any way. Regards
  3. Could you link me to a verified record of his performance?
  4. Haha! That's great to hear. I've only had a few discussions with him but never got a bad 'vibe' from him in any way and same to can be said for the hundreds of hours of content he has put out on the internet. To give his time to answer a few questions for a young and inexperienced (in comparison) fund manager from the other side of the world I thought was amazing and I have nothing but respect and admiration for him. And therefore, 'Mohnish is a good guy' is ones of those hills I would die on haha. I believe he has a membership to cobf but I'm yet to discover his username.
  5. You make some excellent points and I'd tend to agree. He is a fantastic marketer but I have to say his intentions are 100% genuine. I would say the only thing that Mohnish likes more than investing is teaching. Which I find interestingly enough seems to be a common trait among value investors.
  6. I really find this hate on Mohnish very strange. From all my chats with him he seems an even nicer guy in person than he comes across in videos. He is always happy to help and teach. As a fellow fund manager I have nothing but respect for him an excellent capital allocator and a even better guy.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm new to cobf and I'm having a little trouble navigating to more recent content. Does anyone know what to do? Sorry is this is a simple answer I'm not very technically inclined.
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