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Interview with ORH's Brian Young


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I thought Brian's comments they are not expanding in critical cat interesting - if that is the case at Odyssey then I suspect it would be the same strategic positioning throughout the rest of Fairfax's insur/reinsur businesses - I expect them to be hit by Ida losses but hopefully this will help to reduce some of the impact


While Young said Odyssey has also enjoyed some growth within the property space, the company has stayed away from expanding in what he called “critical cat”.

“We find the cat markets generally speaking rather frustrating if I’m honest,” Young said.

“There’s a lot of unmodelled loss that’s affected the market. If it’s not unmodelled, it’s [an] under-modelled loss. We think we need to see a material correction in cat for us to have more interest for us to expand in that area,” he stated.

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