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SPAC Warrants

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Quick idea I thought I'd throw out there....I know Ive already discussed over the past few weeks with many here, but might be worth a thread to brainstorm names or whatever. 


SPAC warrants are IMO a really simple way to be a contrarian, a speculator, and a value investor all at once. You can size the positions modestly creating a bit of a barbell approach. 


More or less


SPACs are currently toxic. Thus you can now take your pick of the best quality managers at the same prices as the worst ones. 


Regulation and SEC inquiries should make deals going forward much more conservative


Business combinations will likely be on better terms. Companies seeking a spac will prefer a quality sponsor.


You can buy warrants which give you a 5 year call at 15% premium to deal price on pretty much whatever you desire for a fraction of what they were trading at months ago and just in general, what I consider a very attractive price.


Some examples, Softbank SPAC warrants can be had for $1.50 vs a $6 high earlier. Boston Omaha's Yellowstone can be had for $0.65 vs $2.30 earlier. 


I think there's definitely bargains and multi baggers to be found as the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater. 





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