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OT: OMERS accused by CUPE of investment underperformance

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Over the course of the past year or two, FFH shareholders have periodically been bemused by the large number of joint initiatives between FFH and OMERS.  When we look at the disclosure and run the numbers, it often seems that OMERS obtains a debt-like guaranteed return of ~9% and FFH seems to get the crumbs.  This article from the Globe is about how the largest union that engages OMERS to manage its members' pension is belly-aching about OMERS's poor investment returns.  Too bad FFH shareholders haven't been the beneficiaries of "under market" returns by OMERS!


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I am guessing that the OMERS managers are value-investing followers, which would explain their poor performance the last few years and the fact that they invest along side FFH so often.


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Posted (edited)

OMERS had the ONE job. All OMERS had to do was to clip the 9% coupons from FFH 

How did the OMERS scored a negative 2.7-per-cent return in 2020, when the juggernaut CPP return 20%. It could be that CPP year ended in March, therefore they are benefitting from calculating the 2020 annual return from a 2020 low in last March.

Canada Pension Returns 20.4%, Boosted by Stock Market Recovery - Bloomberg 

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