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what happened with RYSAS today? - plunged 48%

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Seems like an option to buy shares during a Capital raise. 

Does that mean pre-existing shareholders can buy in at 1 lira whereas new investors have to come in at today's price of 3 lira? Company was trading at 8 Lira a few months ago. 

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Watch the end. Hes talking again about reysas . He first thought of them as 50 Cent for 1 dollar and sell IT, but now thinks of it as a potential 100 bagger over 20-30 years, as long as the moat stays intact. 

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I am using DEGIRO and they are not allowing any purchases of Rysas currently. They said we can’t purchase because of the rights issue, however we had been notified it was due to currency fluctuations recently. Are any others experiencing this and know when this will be resolved?


Due to recent developments in Turkey, we have temporarily stopped the possibility to buy shares on the Istanbul Stock Exchange. With this measure in place, we will also cancel all open buy orders for the Istanbul Stock Exchange.



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