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No problem!


I dont know these people it was just a very tragic story I came across scrolling around, both Cohodes and Kuppy flagged it so good for them...both awesome dudes. If there is nothing else the past year has taught us its to be grateful and not take shit for granted. Too often I think folks with financial backgrounds or mentality become petty and cheap, and become too focused on planning for the next 5/10/20 years out, etc. Skipping the $3 coffee, tipping 15% based on pre tax amount, etc...I think thats a sad way to live and when you think of it, nothing is guaranteed in life. You really need to appreciate and live for today while also planning for tomorrow. Giving back is the right thing to do. We are all super fortunate. Even folks with $50-100k in a savings account, let alone those with 6/7/8 figures....we're all super-good for today and tomorrow and plenty of people arent. If everyone made an effort to be a little less cheap/more generous maybe the scumbag politicians wouldnt be able to goad everyone into class warfare and all that crap. For me I try to find something like this once a month or so and contribute. Doesnt have to be a lot of money but just an exercise in thinking of others which also forces you to really appreciate how good you have it and not take it for granted. Cheers!

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effective_altruism#:~:text=Effective altruism encourages significant charitable donation.&text=GWWC was founded in 2009,of his income to charity.


Also, see Sam Harris podcast. 

I'll at the ten percent level, which will increase as my wealth does. It's really no sweat. I could care less about anything beyond an upper middle class life. 

It's clear to me having lived below and above that in terms of spending... the sweet spot is quite low... very low if you design your life as such. 

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