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First Time Buffett Isn't on CNBC in 14 Years After Letter Release

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Any thoughts why he hasn't come on CNBC after releasing the letter? Not even a phone call?

Less energy? Wanting to be less in the media?

I guess it is simply due to Covid but he is flying to LA in May. Oh well. Not a big deal just curious is all.

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He's not doing any media event till the annual meeting.


I presume he's saving any such thoughts for whatever shareholders want to ask him.


Besides, we got a hunk of juice from his sidekick Charlie the other day, more than enough to fill the air till May!

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Deeply speculative post here :


Perhaps Astrid Menks isen't ageing as well as Mr. Buffett. On my retina I have a photo from a few years ago, Mr. Buffett helping his wife into or out of a car.


Disclosure : I really hate "The Snowball", & haven't finished reading it, ... perhaps one day I'll just trade it second hand [-Likely the only Buffett related book, I'll never finish reading].

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