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Concentrated Fund Managers Worthy of Cloning?

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I like the high-quality portfolio of Triple Frond Partners, Joho Capital, and Altarock Partners. Top holdings BABA, MSFT, TDG, MSFT, GOOGL, CHTR, etc, are all familiar.

Joho also owns GPN, LTHM, and EEFT, which I should take some time to learn more about... Maybe someone here knows the quality of these stocks?


Here are some other managers that might be of interest:

H Partners

Miura Global Management

Triple Frond Partners

Aquamarine Capital Management

Pabrai Investment Funds

Affinity Asset Advisors

Giverny Capital

Greenlea Lane

Altai Capital Management

Dorsey Asset Management

Lincoln Capital

Swift Run Capital

Mittleman Brothers

Locust Wood Capital Advisers

RV Capital

CAS Investment Partners

ShawSpring Partners

Teton Capital Partners

Joho Capital


Not all match your criteria...

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Not <$500m, but Abdiel is one of the first funds I check.

Bought SHOP in 2016, AYX/APPN in 2017, and ZM in 2019. Were big buyers of FSLY in Q1/Q2 2020.


Very telling that they have been trimming in Q3/Q4 2020 with no new adds.

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