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  1. I'd love to see the historical performance of Baupost to date if anyone has access to that info?
  2. KVSA at $10.02... work your magic Vinod!
  3. BABA... Charlie gave me the nudge I needed
  4. He must not be dealing with IB if someone is actually telling him something ;)
  5. This is the Clover Corp in AU that refines and sells natural oils?
  6. Start an investment ideas thread? Have you seen any more comprehensive write-ups from fund managers? I'm intrigued.
  7. Off the charts in which direction? ;)
  8. As requested! The updated list. ACEVU- +43% sold on announcement 2/19 ACICU- +68% sold on announcement 2/10 CGROU- +38% sold on announcement 12/07 CFACU- +46% sold on announcement 2/12 CFIIU- +12% sold on announcement 12/1 ETACU- still hold FUSEU- +31% sold on announcement 2/12 SRACU- +88% sold after announcement FSRVU- +64% sold on announcement 1/12 FTIVU- +31% sold on announcement 1/25 LATNU- still hold FRXU- +22% sold on announcement 2/10 LSAQ- still hold SPNVU- +19% sold, broke 12 no news CAPAU- +137% sold on announcement 2/18 IGACU- sold most around 12 on speculation pop, but still hold some PTICU- still hold SRSAU- still hold OACBU- still hold new adds: FLACU, LWACU, FOXWU, BIOTU, SPGSU, IIIIU I think if anything based on dates and pops one can figure out where the top was, but the same could be said for many stocks if you use the recent chart as a marker. You could raise the issue on timing the trade as a risk, but I generally just keep it simple; sell on the day of the announcement, sell if it trades at too much of a premium to cash, sell if a real investment comes along and you need the capital. I view cash as garbage and with the money printers on full blast and showing now signs of stopping, I view these, especially now around $10 as a much better placeholder....even in some cases they are purely margined so add a 1% annual carry to the underwritten capital at risk. Then again Id also point out that Ive been doing this for years and not just something I started when it became popular 10 months ago so my mentality is different. But the idea of $10(floor), $9.50(doomsday), upside-multiples of the downside, has always sounded pretty good to me. It isnt/wasnt uncommon for these to trade high 10s or low 11s 8-12 months after IPO, even pre mania. I'm also OK just flip flop trading for 2-3%. To each their own though. Epic, thanks Gregmal! Is price the only differentiator for you on these new adds? In other words, would you buy the cheapest first?
  9. Because I have no idea when those bargains might be available. Buying into SPACs now feels like a nice contrarian bet ;)
  10. You mean EQD? Has anyone studied how far SPACs dropped during the global financial crisis (2008)?
  11. Just updated my SPAC wish list now, and I like what I see
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