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Any distance MBA or EMBA programs geared to value investing?

Mark Jr.

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I'm wondering if there are any distance-learning MBA or EMBA programs for value-investing / securities analysis.


I've taken the George Athanassakos seminar at Western, I'm interested in a full-on EMBA along a similar curriculum.


Western's Ivey School EMBA would be perfect, logistically, but it doesn't seem very centered on investing / analysis.


The Columbia Business School EMBA looks great, but it's not a distance learning course, and living in Toronto I don't think it would feasible to fly to NYC every other friday.


So what else is out there? Anything?

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Hate to tell you this, but what you're looking for doesn't really exist.

Schools teach technical skills, not application - & there are many different kinds of application in the value orbit.


The CFA program is probably the most advantageous over the long-term. While geared to those seeking the charter; if you have no intention of actually working in the industry, the knowledge is more valuable than the charter itself.



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Guest Broxburnboy

The Canadian Securities institute offers several courses of study related specifically to securities analysis and

the security business in general. At one time they were available as self study and were required in order to seek certification

in the business. I remember one as being a sophisticated course in Business Finance.

I took several by correspondence/home study back in the early 80s and marked my own introduction to the

world of finance, markets and investing. I assume that they are still being offered, and if so, would recommend them highly.




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IMO, save the money you would have spent on MBA school and jump into investing directly. You will probably learn more that way and you'll have skin the game up front.


I share SD's thinking, if you really want some formal education go sign up for the level 1 CFA exam. So you have have something to study in between your investing research. Go for the CSC course if you want. These 2 exams will cost you less than $2000 for your first attempts. Hell, use some of the money you save to buy a Wii  ;) I wrote the level 1 CFA exam last year. It's good stuff to learn if you're really interested in it. I don't think you need it to be a successful personal investor though.


OT: anyone else have a Wii and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for it? It's extremely addictive. It's been cutting into my poker time.

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Here is what you are looking for I think.




I posted a link a while ago with videos from Seth Klarman and Francis Chou too from this university.






Yeah I took this course a couple years ago. It was worth it. Met a lot of great people there and keep in touch with a few of them still. Some of them are on this board. I started http://www.valuetalk.org after taking that course for the alumni, but frankly, I spend more time here myself.

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