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10 of the Worst Stock Calls By the Pros

Graham Osborn

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Ha! Buffett didn't buy Amazon. What a loser! Really deserves his spot here obviously!


Seriously, if these are their worst calls I want to be in their shoes...


Saying the worst investment decision is what you didn't do always struck me as a bit of a humblebrag. Surely Buffett could point to some bad decisions of commission. The dollars involved may be lower but they are more like mistakes in my mind. I'm thinking Dexter Shoe and IBM particularly, though I'm sure there are others.

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IDK guys, but Bruce and Sears has to take the cake. Others lost more dollars, some read it more wrong, but the sheer combination of surface confidence coupled with utterly outlandish price targets and conviction that great escaped a reality that many simpler folks had no trouble seeing... hard to top that. Then add doing that for a fucking decade and even at $5 per share still putting up triple digit price targets....

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Vadim Perelman and Baker Street have to go down as the very worst. Imagine taking nearly one billion dollars and turning it into nothing. This is an astonishing achievement to have made in then past ten years in which we have had a fantastic bull market.


I agree with Ballinvarosig Investors,


That's a crazy story about Vadim Perelman, actually. I found this, this & this.


I would argue that the section in the article about Vadim Perelman is misplaced, because the article header contains the phrase "the Pros" ... -I mean how can you be a "Pro", if the words "risk management" and "position sizing" aren't a part of either your active or passive vocabulary? [ ; - ) ]

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