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"The Twenty Craziest Investing Facts Ever"


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These were fun trivia. A couple to whet your appetite:


1. Since 1916, the Dow has made new all-time less than 5% of all days, but over that time it’s up 25,568%.

95% of the time you’re underwater. The less you look the better off you’ll be.


2. The Dow has compounded at less than 3 basis points a day since 1970. Since then its up more than 3,000%.

Compounding really is magic.


3. The Dow has only been positive 52% of all days. The average daily return is 0.73% when it’s up and -0.76% when it’s down.

See above.


4. The Dow has spent more time 40% or more below the highs than within 2% of the highs (20.6% of days vs. 18.4% of days)

No pain no gain.

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"5. The Dow gained 38 points in the 1970s

See above."


Didn't do very well for the 1960s either (600 to 800) though the economy was booming.

But in the 1950's it tripled (200 to 600)


I hope the current decade is not a playbook run-up similar to what might await us in the 2020s and 2030s!





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Some of these are mind tricks and meaningless (e.g. #1).


Some are possibly depressing for people who want to get good returns.


Some explain why people active invest even though it mostly does not work.


Some show how people doing X may look like geniuses for year/decade and like idiots for another year/decade.


Some are possibly food for thought.

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