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WIRED article about augmented reality


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I thought it was an interesting look at the field.


Thanks for the article.


I found it interesting that he mentioned "his friend" Daniel Suarez and only mentioned his latest book (which was good, but not about AR), but not his best work "Daemon" published in 2006 which prominently features AR.  "Daemon" and its sequel "FreedomTM" were far ahead of their time and really got me excited about the possibilities of this technology back then.  Suarez also wrote about killer autonomous drones in "Kill Decision" in 2012, which is also excellent.


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AR or VR has been suffering from hardware deficiencies. The high end optics are very hard integrate into wearable elements like glasses. GOOG, FB and Apple all are hiring optical engineers to work on this and other problems but some fundamentel breakthroughs may be needed, to build the devices that will truly enable the technology.

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