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Dirty Money on Netflix, episode 6


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  • 3 weeks later...

I watched this in the evening the Saturday before last Saturday together with the Lady of the House, based on this topic started by Liberty,


Honestly, it affected my sleep between that particular Saturday and the Sunday, my brain projecting the description and the picture painted of the person onto to person now in the Worlds most important and influential office.


Personally, I don't think it's totally fair to have it under a common theme of "Dirty Money" on Nexflix [compared to some of the other episodes], but for now, just let that go.


To me personally, that particular episode paints a picture of a person, who - hmm, err - how should I phrase it ... - lives in another matrix than me, with regard to recognition of reality. [i'm not trying to stir the pot here... - please just consider it a fact, that that's my personal & subjective perception of the picture painted.]


Thank you for sharing, Liberty.

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Glad you found it interesting, John.


I agree that it's not quite the same mold as some of the other Dirty Money episodes, but I think that this was more than counter-balanced by the fact that this is the president of the US. Some other guys in other episodes might have stolen maple syrup or committed fraud on small loans and that's sleazy, or cheated on diesel emission tests that hurt the health of millions, and that's really bad, but this man not being what most of his voters think he is is on another scale when it comes to world impact.

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I thought this was fairly weak actually. If you knew nothing about Trump and just watched this episode you'd think his net worth was close to $0. The story in the show is basically: Built successful Trump Tower -> Built successful casinos in AC then bet it all on the Taj Mahal-> Went bankrupt a few times -> Did nothing until the Apprentice -> Leveraged the Apprentice to do a bunch of sketchy licensing deals.


Yet somehow Forbes lists a whole bunch of properties that Trump seems to own stakes in.  https://www.forbes.com/donald-trump/


So there's a pretty huge disconnect between between what the show portrays and what Forbes portrays.


At one point the show says Trump's PR skill is getting people to believe what they want to believe. That seems to be what this show does. The show seems to just avoid the $3B of property interests that Trump somehow accumulated along the way. Were these properties accumulated in a "Dirty" fashion, or were there just a select few that they chose to profile? The guy's obviously a showman, but I don't consider that "Dirty" on its face.


Sidenote: I'm not a Trump supporter, so please don't mistake this as some sort of partisan pro-Trump view.



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