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I'm seeing a lot more animals in the suburbs


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Was reading this article on animal evolution in cities



I have been noticing a lot of road kill this summer and a lot more animals I have never seen so often: foxes, coyotes, large snakes, beaver, deer, a lot of new birds, possums and a tonne of rabbits. I live in Mississauga in Ontario which is a quintessential suburb. I'm running more so that might be part of it but it definitely appears to be way different that it was before.


The number of coyotes is surprising...I saw one cross the road recently and when I was running heard a pack of them howling.

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I am in Etobicoke at the Miss. border near Bloor. 


A couple or three coyotes have made their way down to Bloor.  I have seen them for years up Etobicoke Creek when I walk, ride or jog up there but their boldness is new this year.  I think the winter was particularly harsh for them this year.  A couple of weeks ago my wife was interviewed by Global news while walking through the park about the sightings. 


They go after kleenex box cover dogs (little fuzzy things).  But, so far they haven't cross bred with the local dog population like in California.  The resultant mongrels around LA are way more aggressive. 


edited: for abominable grammar and typos. 

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You’d probably enjoy this podcast about the history of the speed of coyotes.

Audio only: https://overcast.fm/+uzBymI

Video: https://youtu.be/LH1RUk1w_xk


Really interesting. Thanks for posting!!


I was surprised to find out horses evolved in North America but move to Europe/Asia and were reintroduced by Europeans. And they were only absent from NA for 9000 years. Its creates a huge problem for environmentalists because its difficult to say what do with feral horses....are they invasive or not?

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