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Has anyone actually read all 2,500 pages?!  What an incredible source of wisdom!  Thank you again.


If these are all of Buffett's partnership letters, then I have. IMO it was probably the best financial reading I've ever done. Did it on the subway going to/from work, about 30 min each way, took me maybe a month?


Second is perhaps Klarman's book.


Also I would note that Buffett's letters were one of the last things I've read from the "value canon". I think that was beneficial - I had a financial education, I had some years of investing experience, I had seen how a "value" philosophy plays out over a cycle. In other words, I was in a place where I understood the reasoning behind Buffett's words.


It was actually one of the best play-by-play renditions of 10 or so years of value investing. Highly highly highly recommended.

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