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Hey all,


Thought of a good idea for a topic: perhaps we as a board can create a compilation of good quality industry/trade resources (preferably free). Here is one to start if off:




This is a great website for anything cable/telco related. I have been a member for probably 15 years now, back when I was a computer nerd in high school. The members there are current of ex- industry workers and intelligent customers and enthusiasts. It is frequented by people working 'in the trenches' (e.g. service repairmen, engineers, etc.) so you get some great commentary. They do an excellent job (mostly) of distilling information from a non-investment perspective, which provides a great counterbalance from an investment-focused perspective.

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Hey all:


For computer related stuff, "Tom's Hardware" is very good.  They have hundreds of reviews of different products, articles on industry trends, tech support forums, etc.  "The Register" is good for higher level scuttlebut in the IT industry.


"AppleInsider" is a very good Apple resource, but they sometimes have IT industry articles/reports too.


I am debating the value of "BiggerPockets" for real estate.  There are some good articles/features there, but it is mainly newbies, most of their members/contributors are not very sophisticated.



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I know a lot of people here have looked at retail real estate, i.e. Seritage, Macy's, mall REITs, etc.  You absolutely should subscribe to Shopping Center Smart Brief.  I don't read it everyday, but it has articles on turn around, deals, developments etc.  It's a fantastic resource if you own any these names.  Although, I don't own any of these names myself because


1) I once worked on a $400mm sell side deal for three regional malls and they have all turned the keys back to the bank

2) I lost money in Macy's

3) I watched Sears from the sideline and can't believe how much of a time drain and brain damage that would've been had I own it



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If anyone has resources on specialty chemicals, I would love primers, newsletters, etc.  If anyone here works in the field or knows someone who work in the field, I would not mind directly compensating or donating to a charity for your time in helping me understand the barriers to entry, pricing power, and long term trends of this industry.   


The specialty chemicals involves specialty refined products such as lubricating oil, Waxes, Petrolatum, Solvents, branded synthetic lubricants etc. 


I also think that this forum we should utilize the industry expertise of this forum more.  I'm a real estate guy in case anyone wants to chat about that. 

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