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Ulysses Grant - Ron Chernow


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US Grant is top 5 historical persons for me. I did not know there was a new book. Thanks!



Highly suggest




General Eisenhower had a long interview with Walter Cronkite on the beaches of Normandy on the 20th anniversary of D-Day. He said then:

I think Ulysses S. Grant is vastly underrated as a man and as a general. I know people think this and that about his drinking habits, which I think have been exaggerated way out of line. The fact is, he never demanded more men or material from the war department, he took over an army that had a long history of retreating and losing. That army had no confidence in their fighting ability and Grant came in as a real outsider. He had so many disadvantages going into the 1864 campaign, now 100 years ago. But he met every test and rose to the occasion unlike I’ve ever seen in American history. He was a very tough yet very fair man and a great soldier. He’s not been given his due.”



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if i had a time machine kinda to ( and say nothing harms you or you get to kinda invisible float around and be privy to things) ....i would like to spend some time on the western front of ww1, the second spot would be the US civil war but probably mostly with Grant and Lincoln and  how those two went about the war period.

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Not sure if this is terribly relevant but the General was a fascinating character and the following link helps to bridge with another thread that DooDiligence started on the circle of competence.




Ulysses Grant was clearly a superior mind in the military. Despite this unusual competence, he seemed to have a hard time assessing the value of certain men in his political life and with business endeavors.


Know thy limits?


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