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[OECD] iPapers on Economic surveys on OECD countries and Economic Outlooks

John Hjorth

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Viking asked me yesterday in the C topic in the Investment Ideas forum, what I'm reading to try keep my self just a bit updated on what's going on in the separate European countries.


Personally, I'm very well aware of, that I'm not at all a macro guy, and that I suffer from several biases about that, based on what I read and hear in the news on daily basis about what's going on in different parts of Europe, while personally located up here in the Northern part of Europe, where living conditions etc. in general are good. It's also about working on my ignorance about what's going on in the world in general, while trying to understand why things are different somewhere else.


I don't follow or read a number of blogs on that matter. In stead, I read the OECD iPapers released on www.oecd.org .


Here is a link to the main site diving into each OECD country with regard to Economic Surveys. Naturally one has to be aware of the release date of each separate report. The reports are basically subscription protected, but one can read them online. The reports might at first glance seem daunting, but if you take a look at the table of contents, you'll notice that it's thematic, so that you are able to dive into exactly the topic that's on your mind and of interest for you.


Here is a link to the main site into OECD Economic Outlooks, Analysis and Forecasts, containing reports and a lot of data, downloadable to Excel. [That fits me very well, because I'm a numbers guy!]

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