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BNSF Train Collision in TX


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"Texas train collision triggers fireball; no word on injuries"



BNSF Railway spokesman Joe Faust says two BNSF freight trains were involved in the collision about 8:40 a.m. He had no further information.


I just don't understand how two trains from the same company can collide with the technology we have today.

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BNSF was investing in infrastructure to prevent collisions like these in other areas, they just hadn't yet done so in the area of the collision.  However it is on their "to do" list per regulations:




BNSF has pledged to meet a 2018 federal deadline to adopt technology, called positive train control or PTC, that relies on GPS, wireless radio and computers to monitor train positions and automatically slow or stop trains that are in danger of colliding, derailing due to excessive speed or about to enter track where crews are working or that is otherwise off limits. At least three freight railroads have said they'll need an extension to 2020.


Faust said in a statement later Tuesday that the West Texas collision is the type of accident PTC can prevent and that BNSF is "aggressively" pursuing it "across our network."


"While sections of the track operated by the eastbound train involved in this accident have PTC installed and are being tested, the section of track where the incident occurred will be installed later this year," he said in the statement.

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