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Book Recommendations for College Students for Xmas


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  • I have a bunch of college age nephews and nieces (plus my own kids) to whom I always give books for Xmas.
    So given the previous post asking for rec's  for a 12 year old, I thought that I would ask this savvy board!
    This year I'm thinking of
    • Griffin's book for the younger end of the kids, (17--19) who have not expressed an interest in investing.  I know there are those who dislike the book, but I think for a first exposure to Munger it is a good choice. Shall we leave that discussion to thread on the book? ;)
    • Damn Right for the older group
    • Persuasion,



I would love other (better) ideas.



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Great list, "Man's Search for Meaning" is an absolute must read. 


I would also highly recommend "The Six Pillars of Self Esteem" by Nathanial Branden.  I wouldn't hesitate to say that book has had more impact on me that any other book I have ever read, period, full stop... and I read a lot of books every year.  It is an absolute classic.  Another great book is "Born to be Worthless" by Kevin Solomon.  Solomon's book is easier to read and clearly shows how the natural dependency we all begin life with leads to low self esteem. 


Branden's book will definitely make you a better investor as well.  "Often what people consider to be thinking is merely recycling the opinions of others" - Branden.  That is just one quote that made me step back and do a lot of reflection of my own thinking.

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