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Berkshire Hathaway Annual General Meeting


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Hi Jb,


Yes, it's almost certain the Yellow BRK'ers are having an annual gathering:




For some reason, the date on top of the announcement says 2006, but I think that's a typo.  Shai Dardashti is organizing, and his email is on that site.  Just email him and make sure the details are correct.


There are tons of things to do in Omaha during the weekend.  With the sheer size and scope now of the number of people attending.  If you go to any event, you can probably make a few friends and sneak into other events with them.  Not that I'm suggesting that...I just heard that those things perhaps happen!   ;D


As well, there are all the shareholder events, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Borsheims, the Old Market Area, the casinos across the water in Council Bluffs, Boys and Girls Town, Eppley Airfield, etc.  It's a blast!  Cheers!

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i go to yellow brk'ers Friday night

(Borsheims is too crowded)


Saturday meeting

(breakfast bar is free, dilly bars $1, cash lunch)


after meeting go to Net Jets display (free Coke and hats)

then went to Motley Fool party at Hilton bar

then party at old market (wonder if having again - first time last year)

(Furn Mart too crowded)



Borsheims reception (free drinks, and roast beef carvery)

play bridge, or chess against blindfolded grandmaster

(lunch at Gorat's too crowded)


I keep hoping that Hunzi will do the backyard BBQ

(maybe we need to offer some sweat equity on her house)


you might make different choices


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Hello Everyone  :


I was wondering if anyone is interested in sharing the hotel room during the annual meeting.

If anyone who likes to share the hotel  room, please contact me.

i only need for saturday night, and will hardly be in the room  except for a short sleep.


Being a cheapguy, it helps me if some one can share and split the costs.


I can certainly provide references from some board member (so dont need to worry about me).






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Besides what has been mentioned above, I would recommend taking a couple of hours and driving out to Boys Town (The drive is rather short, but you will want to spend a couple of hours out there). Many folks have seen the Spencer Tracy / Mickey Rooney movie of the same name, but seeing the real thing tells a completely different story.


This was not on our itenerary when we planned last year's trip but we had a couple of hours to kill before our flight and went out there on a whim. When we got home, we talked about Boys Town as much as we talked about the meeting. It is really something to see. We could not help bit draw parallels between Father Flanigan growing his creation and Warren growing his. Certainly different "products", but there are manyh similarities between the men and their vision/execution of that vision. You'll be happy you went.



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