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  1. Documentary is very effective in subtly presenting western interests, while downplaying Indian interests.
  2. Supposedly the year 2015 was the Peak baby births year. After 2015 the total number of baby births are coming down. Projected trends indicate they will continue to come down in future.
  3. >the Louisiana Purchase are still kicking warrens ass but as far as $30B stock picks go, I’d agree. Louisiana Purchase is a theft of Native american lands without recognizing their rights.
  4. Agree with the message "Be authentic, as it will help in long run. Of course it will come with short term costs" Many many great people were clear on their communications and true. For example Buffett, when he started his partnerships working from home.
  5. Just an empty talk. Did A16Z invest in any of those infrastructure or hard to do things he talks about ?
  6. Its is apalling to watch the video and see how a peaceful man was killed. He did not attack and cried out several times that he can't breathe. The brutality of policies and procedures which lead to this are disgusting. What else minorities should go through to even have a grand jury to initiate a case ? The U.S. constitution said that black people are 3/5 of person. It is 1/21 today in usa.
  7. Looking towards purchasing a term life insurance or full life insurance. (maybe a 1-2 million value) Any advice ? suggestions. Keeping my premiums to a minimum is important for me. Is there a way to pay a lumpsum single payment upfront, instead of yearly payments ? Any opinions on products offered by BRK Direct ? http://www.brkdirect.com/spia/EZquote.asp
  8. Ericopoly. Try Schwab (or may be others) who do home loans. The last i heard they will take the portfolio size into consideration for the home loan.. do not know the full details, but maybe worth checking it out.. some small banks, who keep the loans on their books (& not sell to freddie/fannie) will be interested in doing your loan..
  9. Are there any statutory (or legal) limitations on what insurance companies cannot invest ? Any particular sectors or situations they are not allowed to invest in ?
  10. Do not agree with LKY on this. If US withdraws from Afghanistan, the Mullah Omar/Bin laden are ready to take over again. If that happens imagine the loss of credibility and how Bin laden will be viewed in moslem world. Maybe after the top leadership of Taliban, Al Qaeda is caught and killed USA can withdraw from Afghanistan. Otherwise, Pakistan, Iran, China will do anything to resurrect pre 9/11 afghanistan..
  11. >Would it be possible to shift the expenses to the balance sheets of the companies that sell the junk food, thereby incentivizing the production of healthier foods? It could happen slowly. after the tobacco taxes, politicians need another "source" to tax. Sodas, junk food, candy may fit. Most likely they will go after soda/junk food. Maybe they should provide incentives for people to keep physically fit (may be gym membership fee, ... )
  12. >People argue against having government run healthcare because they say it will be too expensive, that >government is inefficient, and that capitalistic competitive private insurance works better cause capitalism rules. In theory you are right. In practice, once there is a govt program the congress will keep giving the govt program lot of subsidies or legislate certain parts of the health care exclusively for them.. Basically rig the game against private insurers.
  13. In this interview, what are the things you disagree ?
  14. Let us put in the shoes of Munger and Buffett. What are they seeing in BYD. (imagine this is in mid 2008, before the investment is made).. What is the advantage BYD has or the moat it has, which made them willing to buy 25% of the company. Is it a totally new business model ? which competitors cannot quickly replicate ? or by the time competitors replicate it, BYD will achieve a critical mass ? Does the turmoil in auto industry, starve the existing players for the capital to transfrom themselves?
  15. Atleast the nobel peace prize did not go to Chamberlain and Hitler.. (after some peace talks...)
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